Kodak ESP 7

Kodak ESP 7

We normally don’t do product reviews of consumer hardware, but I had to post my frustration with Kodak’s wireless ESP 7 multi-function printer. Kodak touts itself as saving money with its new line of Easyshare printers, but even though the print is cheaper, it seems to run out faster. It is also a problem since the color ink is all in one cartridge – you run out of one color and you have to replace the whole thing. The printer is also loud, and slow to start.

Mine was among the many printers that have issues requiring the unit to be returned to Kodak and often, returned again. The first issue I ran into was “Top Tray Jammed, Pull Tray Out….Top Tray Jammed, Push Tray In…Top Tray Jammed…” error. Pressing “Cancel” got me past this problem, as there is no paper jam. That is just an annoyance, but now I am stuck with an “error 6202” which is apparently because of the scanner motor not being able to move. The reason for this became apparent as soon as I opened the printer up and noticed that a cable had come loose. As soon as I hooked the cable back up, the printer was back to working again. But, now I am out of ink again after I have only printed about 20 pages. Bottom line, avoid these printers at all costs. I have never had this much trouble with a printer. 

Don’t take just my word for it, here are links to other reviews about the Kodak ESP 7:


Even the ESP 5 is apparently flawed:


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Although Kodak claims to save consumers money with its new ink jet printers, clearly you (and many others) have noticed that they seem to run out of ink very quickly. You can read user reviews from people that had similar problems here: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/cameras/kodak.html. I hope your experience helps other consumers realize that behind the bold claims and flashy ads, what Kodak promises doesn’t always add up.

  2. I just want people to know that they are not alone with their paper tray jam issue. I was prone to ignore it because I could just hit cancel to bypass the error. Kodak seems to have really dropped the ball on quality control just to get their product on the shelf. Kodak should recall these things and fix the problems that are clearly widespread.

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