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OpenVZ Cluster

OpenVZ Cluster

As we get further into developing the Piranha Method site, we plan to also work on deploying a site for Hostmaster Flex to offer our hosting services for the OpenVZ cluster that we have set up.

The OpenVZ project is an open source community project supported by Parallels and is intended to provide access to the code and ultimately for the open source community to test, develop and further the OS virtualization effort. – OpenVZ

We are currently running a Linux High-Availability hosting cluster built on a custom OpenVZ kernel for server virtualization on the Debian etch Linux distribution along with RAID-1 server using DRBD. In the future we plan to add more servers to the cluster and load balance the cluster load between them, we are currently planning to deploy the necessary fibre channel gigabit technology for each server in order for this to be feasible.

We have been running our OpenVZ cluster for about two years now in a production environment and have only had some minor problems with our 3ware Escalade RAID controllers Linux drivers. This was because we were previously running our cluster on the CentOS 4.4 (RedHat) distribution and apparently our hardware combination, along with the use of OpenVZ technology uncovered a bug in the 3ware Linux drivers.

Overall, I have had nothing but a great experience with OpenVZ, my only wish  (if someone is so inspired) would be a nice web-based GUI for virtual server management and migration. I have found a few OpenVZ managers out there, but none that seem complete or even that seem to function correctly.