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Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7

I have had a chance to toy with Microsoft’s latest beta offering, and I must admit that I am not too impressed. I am still complaining about bugs in their current stable Vista platform. Most people are still holding off on upgrading to Vista, and many are actually downgrading to Windows XP.

Windows 7 seems to be a minor update to Vista. I have found nothing spectacular with this system. The biggest improvement is what the MS camp is touting to be a more compartmentalized system that will (Finally!) allow components like Internet Explorer to be removed. The ultimate goal being to provide a smaller footprint on custom systems, such as netbooks or Media Center PCs where Linux systems are gaining a higher market share.

Microsoft is releasing it’s stranglehold on Internet Explorer to focus on it’s Windows Live endeavor. It now seems that Microsoft is swapping focus from their desktop applications and are now focusing more on Internet SAAS. This move is obviously an attempt to compete with Google’s online applications. Windows Live is a big part of Windows 7 and Microsoft is using this to funnel users into their services.

In conclusion, Microsoft is still the same old Microsoft. Windows 7 has no new innovations and is just another avenue of income for the folks in Redmond.