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Our Best SEO Advice

Our Best SEO Advice

We get a lot of questions about Search Engine Optimization and how to be the top of the search results for Google. Here is our usual response to clients.

Google spends a metric shit ton of money on software development to properly index billions of web pages. They have an effective system in place to filter out garbage sites and analyze content. The best SEO advice in the world is:

  1. Write clean, valid code that takes full advantage of what us nerds call semantic HTML. This means that the proper tags are used to mark up the proper text. H1 tags are very important headings, H2 tags are secondarily important, etc. TITLE tags are very important, keywords and descriptions are at the bottom of the importance list due to their overuse/misuse.
  2. Keep it simple, Google has algorithms in place to prevent overuse of keywords, just sticking words in randomly is BAD. The best thing to do is to write with keywords in mind, but also write for a human reader. Their spider analyzes sentences and word counts more than any other piece of software in history. They know the difference between spamming keywords and properly formed relevant sentences.
  3. Inbound links are golden. The link back to your site is a vote in favor of you. It should also contain keywords if possible and be on relevant sites that share similar keywords.
  4. Register your domain name for as long as possible, they know when it was registered and when it will expire. If your site is registered for 5 years, it means you are in for the long haul, not some fly-by-night spammer.

All of this can be found, direct from the horse’s mouth, here: